An official reminder for anyone who has placed an order for the NTW LP whether alone or part of a bundle.  Nice Teeth Whore LPs will not be shipped till June due to delays by the pressing plant.  All other Pre-orders placed in March and April have been sent out.  Also, shipping on general orders placed this month between May 10th onwards will resume end of May as I will be out of town as well as starting to write the next Lord Mantis full-length during this time in Chicago.

The NTW and Pig Grade Body shirt has been restocked in the meantime for anyone unable to get a particular size.  Patches have also been restocked.  Shipping will resume at the end of the month on everything.  Thanks for the continued support to New Density.  It’s great to see the response to Nice Teeth Whore by Lord Mantis fans, in the press, and see it hit some of the charts!