Even though the metaphysical essence of that which is Avichi still is, Avichi as the band I started in 2006 is no more as of this moment.  I feel like I’ve said what I wanted to say through the current trilogy, and furthering it at this point would be unnecessary.  Life changes and my current state of vision have brought new focuses and goals both immediate and long term.  Though it could be said I’ve ended it with considerable interest from other musicians to see this band finally take to the stage, the best way moving forward in my view is with a fresh band with these other people.  Our new music needs a new foundation to build off of.  Avichi belongs in a different place and time and wouldn’t feel proper with the music I’m working on these days.  Birth will follow death.

Life always puts forward its trials by fire, but there were flames in these eyes to begin with.  Flames will remain afterwards.  This ever interesting life of mine has been as much about learning to navigate chaos well as with maintaining focus in the right places and the big picture ahead.  Pressure and time have always behaved as such.  The trial is powering through it.  I started Avichi to help release my emotions, and the term Avichi was dead on with the emotions that led me to call it as such.  Different experiences, the span of time between each album, and growth of personal character led to very different avatars for each record that would be released.  Perhaps in another light they could all be seen as one and same.  Personally I find the evolution of them pretty interesting at this point looking back.

The Divine Tragedy spewed forth in 2007 after my first experience recording at Electrical Audio in Chicago, and it did its job creating an auditory sense of the waveless hell I found myself in at that time.  With the closing of these doors, I will add The Divine Tragedy to New Density’s Bandcamp since this record was in fact originally released through a previous underground label and distro I briefly operated back in 2006-8 called Numen Malevolum Barathri.  The LP version can still be had through Salvation Distro.  This record along with the others seem to be holding their own weight well over time, and I’m always humbled when people come up to me to talk about them.  The others – The Devil’s Fractal and Catharsis Absolute – are Profound Lore releases as it stands and can be found through Profound Lore’s outlets.  Catharsis Absolute was pressed to LP when I decided New Density needed to be a more serious and supportive endeavor as a record label instead of the old blog as it was back in the day.  Though I won’t lump Catharsis Absolute into some born again category, this record obviously stands in a more optimistic node vs The Devil’s Fractal and of course The Divine Tragedy, but I would argue its optimism is one free of being dogmatic or blinded by light.  It does its best towards acknowledging the light in a Luciferian manner while dispersing with any illusions about it.  I continue to regard the record as a blueprint towards achieving something new and different here for New Density and in my personal life.  I am a different person today than I was 10 years ago when I was writing The Divine Tragedy.  So many relics cast down internally and externally during working on Avichi which even over its 10 year course still feels to me like an aeon.  In any case, my catharsis did not end with the release of Catharsis Absolute and may never will.  With who I am now, this to me isn’t an issue.

If you’re a fan of what was Avichi and the first record The Divine Tragedy, here are the links to other digital sources.  If you’re new to Avichi, it’s probably best to start with the first record anyways.




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Thanks to all the fans of Avichi and the support shown to the work over the years.

Andrew Markuszewski