Charlie Fell and I have reunited and are working on a new Lord Mantis full-length. Also returning to the line-up is Ken Sorceron of Abigail Williams who was a part of Death Mask and Dylan O’Toole of Indian who’s been a part of Lord Mantis since Pervertor. Drumming on the record is being handled by the exceptional Bryce Butler. Lord Mantis will be recording in February with Sanford Parker who has worked with the band on all previous full-lengths for an official Profound Lore release.

The Devil With No Name EP has been a back and forth process with mixing and mastering to get it properly prepared which took way longer than originally planned. What was supposed to be a spring and then summer New Density release is now a winter one. Maybe.

The Sonoran Rebel Black Magick full-length has been finished for a few months actually except for layouts. The layouts are consisting of film photography done by myself in the Sonoran desert, and I’m not finished.