Devil With No Name is black metal combining the attitudes of a cut-throat western past and those of the great beast of rebellion. Devil With No Name is the pariah that stands apart from hordes with names, the fallen angel once buried in chains beneath the sun, now left to wander with pistol revolver in hand. As a band based out of Phoenix, Arizona and inspired by the vast harsh landscapes surrounding, black metal is no longer a genre requiring blistering snow and white mountain tops.

Devil With No Name includes members Andrew Markuszewski (Lord Mantis, Sonoran Rebel Black Magick) on guitars and vocals, Michał Juśko (Sovereign) on bass and vocals, and Cody Stein (Void Omnia) on drums. The album features artwork by Rodrigo Pereira Salvatierra. Devil With No Name takes particular aesthetic influence from the spaghetti western films of Sergio Leone. Indeed the logo of the band and to an extent the presentation of the release on LP has a look that would seem appropriate for an old western film if on laserdisc if but in a sinister vein. The self-titled debut unleashes a stadium black metal soundscape.

Out May 22nd, 2020 on heavy gatefold with 180 gm black vinyls. Pre-order through our website shop especially if ordering other items only available here. Also available for pre-order through our Bandcamp site which comes with free digital download through Bandcamp on release day. They’re expected ahead of schedule, and all things allowing all pre-orders will ship before the release date. Download codes for Bandcamp will be included with the vinyl when shipped if purchased through our site and not through Bandcamp.