“The story of Unholy Trinity can trace back to 2002, Aamonael (Avichi, Nachtmystium) made 4-track recordings together with member Grave on drums with material Aamonael had written. Zmij (Zalnik, Nachtmystium) added vox to this recorded material. It was decided all the vocals would be done in Polish – Zmij and Aamonael’s native tongue. Vocals naturally were the vicious attacks that Zmij was known for as heard on the kvlt Zalnik tape releases and notably on Nachtmystium’s s/t mcd release (Regimental, Painiac) which featured both Zmij and Aamonael while they were in a sprint in Nachtmystium.

These recordings sat for a few years, and in 2005 Aamonael released them under his label Numen Malevolum Barathri out of DeKalb, IL naming it Unholy Trinity – Omnimalevolence. Zmij contributed some portraits and art to the release. Copies were traded and made their way into underground distros all over the scene during those days. The music includes some of the first stylings of Aamonael he would later continue using in Avichi.

This is an official repress of Omnimalevolence by Goatowarex. This definitive edition comes with remastered audio, new cover artwork by artist Dhomth, presented in a gatefold with black vinyl, and also includes the original art by Zmij for the Omnimalevolence release.”

-from the one sheet

This edition is a sick offering by Goatowarex under license from New Density. Fat vinyl, thick gatefold, and even a poly bag that’s of an elite stock. From a small quantity limited one time pressing. These lps were stuck for five months the devil knows where due to the covid scenario. Never thought they’d make it, but they’re here in one piece and flawless.