The loss has been tremendous. The fashion and method so bleak. This void runs oh so deep. Lord Mantis has available this tribute shirt to Bill Bumgardner. Special thanks to BrianVDP for its design and working this one out. This is truly a special shirt, one of the best we’ve done, and we think many will agree. The Trapped Inside The Need shirt design by Alexander Brown has also been restocked – IN RED. It’s an old school design that’s always been a favorite.

We grieve for our brother Bill, but we also celebrate what was achieved with him. His methods were powerful and brutally honest. Such drive and energy as he had cannot be destroyed. His rest is one of power. We honor him by letting our grief resolve into focus and power in return.

Orders for the tribute shirt will begin shipping the week of December 5th. Bundles also available with the Death Mask and Nice Teeth Whore releases.