There is very little inactivity here although seemingly New Density has been very still online. Currently there are two releases in the pipeline. The first is a new Sonoran Rebel Black Magick release.

In addition to new vicious doom by Sonoran Rebel Black Magick there’s a new actual band forming – Devil With No Name. I hate to spoil the surprise and blow a full load about it just yet, but at least I’ll throw our band name out there. Devil With No Name is a totally different animal originating out of the wild west.

The reality is also that all creative works also take inventive hustles and capital expenditures; hence, for the rest of April and until the end of May there will be a sale on all New Density releases that have been pressed including the Lord Mantis Death Mask Gatefold 2LP, Lord Mantis Nice Teeth Whore MLP and Digipack, Avichi Catharsis Absolute Gatefold LP, and the Desert Hellfire Demo by Sonoran Rebel Black Magick. Include any of our releases in your cart and you will receive 25% off the entire cart with “newdensity2017” added to the coupon area. It’s in effect from now till May 31st 2017. The support towards the label so far is already incredible and unequivocally appreciated. If you find yourself here and lack a certain record, have at it otherwise help spread to word.

Some shirt designs are lacking some sizes, but some are also on their way to being retired.

All My Life for the Glory.