Sonoran Rebel Black Magick LPs came into our hands in the weeks past, and they turned out wicked. This was a slow to boil release, but in the end completely worth it.

Some words from reviews:

“Sounding like YOB possessed by Swans in the first half, and Zeal and Ardor in the second, True Western Doom lurches through the motions of a traditional album, while being something entirely different. Without overstaying their welcome with ten-minute runtimes, the riffs that make up the album echo out with sinister intent. To hear the title track’s mantra of “I breathe to kill, I kill to eat” is to be disturbed and unsettled in the best possible way, like hearing Nine Inch Nails‘ darkest material for the first time. True Western Doom is not an easy listen, but it’s still worth checking out due to its originality and completely bizarre aesthetic.” -Max Morin, Exclaim!

SONORAN REBEL BLACK MAGICK is a project quite unlike anything you have ever heard before, and if you can wrap your head around it’s invasive tone, the experience it offers will prove both eye-opening and unforgettable.” –Daniel Fella, Distorted Sound