Coinciding with the LP and CD digipak release through Profound Lore Records, New Density is issuing a limited cassette release of the new Lord Mantis album “Universal Death Church”. “Universal Death Church” is the result of relationships left in the pit rekindled for the greater good of another Lord Mantis record in the universe, but most importantly – to make a record in the memory of their deceased drummer Bill Bumgardner. The official 4 piece lineup features Charlie Fell, Andrew Markuszewski, Ken Sorceron, and Bryce Butler with additional work put in by Dylan O’Toole of Indian (long time contributing vocalist notably on Pervertor, Death Mask, Nice Teeth Whore) and Sanford Parker (engineer and producer for all Lord Mantis full-lengths) with additional overdubs/production. Guest appearances include Dallas Thomas of Pelican and Bruce Lamont of Yakuza. The cassette version showcases a fuller VENIEN artwork for the cover. The full cover artwork is also included with the LP and CD phonographs which both come with fold out posters.

This is a pre-order for tapes already in production that will ship the week of November 22nd.