We take you back to an aggressive, raw, and vicious time in Chicago for the band Lord Mantis. A new 7″ titled Tormentor with two old and untill now unknown and unreleased songs from the era surrounding Pervertor and directly afterwards. These two songs feature an older line-up of the band which includes Charlie Fell, Andrew Markuszewski, Bill Bumgardner, and Greg Gomer. Some of the lyrical ideas shared in these songs would also later emerge in the content and art direction on the follow up album Death Mask.

This 7″ fills a missing piece in the Lord Mantis discography, and it comes in a reverse board spined sleeve with insert limited to a count of 200. True fans of Pervertor and Death Mask will certainly appreciate these unrelenting tunes from an unearthed catalog.

Reborn Tormentor Possessed & Armed. In stock and shipping now!