Forward attack against NWO dogmas, superficial humanitarianism, hypocritical Atlanticism, and decrepit leadership. “Deception Towers” is the first demo of new band Godinheat. Started by a few blokes (ANL, AZN, & Father Superior) who have had enough of western empire decay and are willing to recognize as well as stand against the sad state of affairs of the times. Godinheat is about embracing the RIGHTEOUS fire and fury of greater Gods. Godinheat is for the god expression IN man. In turn we recognize the God archtypes takes the shape and form of the highest potential a man sees in himself. This earth is a playground for blood and fire. The spirit of man as well as his blood still matters to many of us. Godinheat stands for and with these types of men.

First three tracks of the six track demo “Deception Towers” now streaming through bandcamp. Pre-orders for cassettes are up on bandcamp as well as the store here on this site. Patches are also available and now in stock.

I’ve set a release date for October 28th as I’m expecting to have cassettes for the band in my hands near or before that date. More likely sometime sooner. If the cassettes arrive sooner, then I will ship out the cassette pre-orders certainly before the 28th. The demo officially releases digitally on the 28th of October.