Robert Taylor Roark of Black Eagle Trust emerged to take his first steps to power with his short and to the point MMXX demo back in 2020. As an unearthed Pharaoh in possession of ancient talents, Taylor has been making his presence known in the Boise scene of late. In addition to being a part of Boise’s Old Year as a guitarist/vocalist, he is also being known for something else – a black metal fury capable of disorienting listeners while enshrined within meditative ambience and ritualistic energy. Black Eagle Trust is his Was sceptre.

MMXX may remind listeners of atmospheres and intentions that led to bands like Rhinocervs and early Leviathan as well as to the abrasiveness found in Thorns and Old Wainds. Time will tell what Black Eagle Trust may yet become. Was sceptres exist to exert dominion, and djinn do make themselves known throughout history at specific moments in time and space. Such a time comes once again.

New Density is proud to bring more light to Taylor’s work in Black Eagle Trust. MMXX is now available on cassette<100 as Black Eagle Trust takes its next steps forward.