Bohemian Grove attendees got nothing on Ma-Kaxul of Sever. Enshadowed in the midst of monstrous trees and forests where boars roam free under command of the Boar Lord, Ma-Kaxul has a presence that focuses hypnotizing melodies and the violent calls of nature. To enter the grove of Sever is the final stage of the path in this wilderness. Woe unto the attendees who never understood this. The entities in these dark woods always must feed.

2022 saw the release of Sever’s demo Sadistic Sorcery followed by At Midnight By Torchlight in 2023 both released under Iron Bonehead. Immediately many realized a new gem emerged in the USBM scene. An experienced hand at his craft, Ma-Kaxul demonstrates that atmospheres unknown still lurk out there in the underground metal scene. To be singular in such a crowded space is not an easy feat. There is also no fluff to be found in Sever’s music from start to finish. It is ferocious, hypnotic, and abysmal.

Added to our shop are clear/black LPs and digipaks of At Midnight By Torchlight, cassettes of Sadistic Sorcery, and Sever’s official Outlaw BM patch.