Old Year, a droning death doom band, have been making their presence known in the Boise scene and surrounding area recently. Formed as a two piece in 2017 and as an exercise in patience, minimalism, and atmosphere, Old Year would exist solely in the shadows behind closed doors for over three years. The band served as a side project and experiment for members Taylor Roark (guitar and vocals) and Jered Veeneman (drums) with very few privy to its existence.

In March 2021 after a year of lockdowns, a thirsting music scene in Boise, Idaho saw the live debut of Old Year now with the addition of bassist Skyler Rezendes. It was then that the full vision of Old Year was truly realized –  a slow, menacing hybrid of droning death doom. Apocalyptic transhumanist themes are abundant throughout their lyrics and reflected sonically in the music itself. The hellscape of A.I. surveillance that plagues the cover of their debut recording perfectly sets the tone for the 10+ minute self-recorded demo.

Be on the look out in the future for more from these talented individuals from Boise. New Density is currently carrying a few Old Year offerings including their demo CD and new Drone shirt.